Starting March 14th there will be balfolk lessons in Enschede again. In contrast to other editions this time the lessons will be during the weekends with 2 or 3 weeks in between every lesson. There will be a total of 6 lessons with a duration of 4 to 5 hours.

=== What can I expect of a lesson? ===
Lessons will start at 13:00 and end at 18:00. There will be at least one break of 30 minutes halfway. If needed more breaks will be included. During the lesson we will focus on one dance or collection of dances. During the lesson we will delve deeply into the dance by for example looking at video recording from historical and not-so-historical sources. We will also use techniques like video analysis to improve our dances even more.

Furthermore, where needed the group will receive differentiated teaching so everyone is offered what they need most. For example, it may occur that some people still need to focus on the basics a bit more whilst others are ready to move on. Then the group will be split, and each will receive different exercises. The second group might work on video analysis or helping each other with feedback or observation techniques they will have received. When we move on to a different part, the group will come back together.

=== The teachers ===
The lessons will be taught by Leo Visser and Marjolein Bente. Both have been dancing balfolk for several years now and travel through all of Europe to learn about dancing and teaching techniques within balfolk. Both have also practiced other disciplines at a high level and now bring the techniques they learned there to balfolk. They have a good many contacts both throughout and outside the balfolk world, helping them with research into balfolk dances, so you can expect them to try and share as much as possible of this information with you.

=== Where are the lessons?===
The lessons will be held at Danscentrum Dekker in Enschede ( The location is easy to reach, both via car and public transport (Enschede Centraal train station is 15 min walk). The dance school has a bar with a nice selection of drinks. They do therefore request us not to bring our own water or other drinks.

=== What does it cost? ===
The trial lesson on March 14th will be freely available for everyone who wants to come. For the 5 lessons following that there are two rates. There is a Fair Trade rate of 120 euros for all 5 lessons together. Or, if you don’t have much to spend, there is a rate of 100 euros. As soon as you’ve registered, you’ll receive more information about payment. If necessary, it will be possible to pay in installments.

=== When are the lessons? ===
The dates for the lessons are listed below:
14-03-2020 – Waltz (Trial lesson)
28-03-2020 – Bourrée
18-04-2020 – Couple dances & Connection
09-05-2020 – Rondeau
30-05-2020 – Mazurka
13-06-2020 – Breton
Please note that you cannot register for only specific lessons. You register for all of the lessons. Exceptions can be made for international people who are only in the Netherlands for a short time or for other teachers/organizers, because they are already plenty busy for balfolk.

=== Sign Up ===
You can sign up by following this link:
After you signed up we will contact you about the payment information and give you a confirmation that you are signed up. This can take a few days.