Balfolk Dance Classes Utrecht

(Update 13-08-2020)

These are crazy times to have dancing as a hobby (or as a job). Slowly social activites are starting to blossom. But, our events and festivals cannot continue in the way that we are used to it. We miss all of you!! 🙂

In these insecure times, we still want to share what is certain:

No dancing classes or regular workshops in Utrecht
We have decided that we will not be organizing regular lessons and workshops in the Moira next season (autumn 2020). It is too uncertain whether we will be able to dance indoors safely by then, and we would rather not take any risks.

Outside workshop: Stretch & Strength
Sophie will be giving an outdoor workshop on stretching and muscle strength. This workshop is one of the workshops of the canceled spring program. So if you were excited back then, then this is your chance! Stretch & Strength at the end of this summer in the Griftpark. Registration is mandatory. link:

Ideas for other activities?
Balfolk isn’t just a sport, it’s also a social activity. Do you miss everyone who you normally saw at the balls and classes? Then, we can help you with the promotion of your new activities, which are allowed in these times. Do you want to for example start a skateclub, or a talking group, or a long-distance picknick for folkies? Write us your plan, contact details, and then we’ll bring you in contact with our network. See e-mail adress below.

Dancing at home
Have you seen our dance instruction videos? Rian explains two dances, which we can be done in solo and at home: the Madison and the Pas d’été. Check them out here:

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Take care of yourself and kind regards.

Newsleter and Other Questions
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The lessons and workshops are in the Moira, a cosy dancing hall in the centre of Utrecht. Its address is Wolvenstraat 10 (it is at the end of Plompetorengracht). Take the blue door on the right and take the stairway to go downstairs.


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