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28-12-2014 | Bal

FOLK ME! (with Lost Highway and Super Parquet)

Met: Lost Highway (Fr/Nl)Super Parquet (Fr) Docent(en): Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: Locatie: OT301,
Overtoom 301, 1054HW Amsterdam
Instructies: Sessie: Contact: Meer info »

Lost Highway (FR/NL)
progressive traditional music

Super Parquet (FR)
post-minimalist electro-folk

A night of wild, exciting and savage folk music to get away from dull
uniformity, gentrification and a boring cultural elite. Traditional
dance music with the intensity of the post-rock era. A concert evening
with unique sounds previously unheard of in the city of Amsterdam…

sunday 28th of december 2014

doors open: 20h, Lost Highway starts: 21h

venue: OT301, Amsterdam

The venue also houses a nice Vegan restaurant open from 7:00: http://depeper.org/eat-with-us/

Join the FB event and invite your friends

Btw. The ball takes place in the big venue. OT301 introduced a strict non-smoking policy (smoking room available).

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