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01-01-2012 | Bal

Nieuwjaar BalFolk

Met: Parasol (Fr) Docent(en): Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: Locatie: Cafe Zaal Wouters,
Grijzegrubben 37, 6361GK Nuth
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After the hopefully good start into the new year, we will begin the year with a music afternoon and dancing.
The Duo Parasol is known for their romantic and intense playing of Mazurkas, Scottish and Valse. They make progress in the dancing by modifying old dances to new ones (like Scottish impaire).

In the afternoon they will show in a tune learning session, how to play music in a way, the dancers want to enjoy the music on the dance floor. A theoretic approach is not the way, Parasol live music. The music has to be felt. So, reading notes would be an advantage, but more important is a bonding to your music instrument.

In the evening a ball is organised, which will live by the combination of musician and dansers.

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