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live stream ball with Wim te Groen and Wouter Kuyper
21-03-2020 | Bal

live stream ball with Wim te Groen and Wouter Kuyper

Met: Wim te Groen (Nl)Wouter Kuyper (Nl) Docent(en): Aanvang: 20:00-22:30 Entree: € 5 Locatie: Online bal,
Internet 2.0, Je Browser
Instructies: nee, we beginnen om 20:00 direct met de live stream Sessie: Tijdens de live stream niet..... maar voorafgaand of na afloop van de live stream zouden we het tof vinden als iedereen thuis natuurlijk een toffe jamsessie houdt... Contact: wouterkuyper@gmail.com Meer info »

There are a lot of cancelations the upcoming time. This is a pain for us, musicians, but ofcourse also really annoying for you dancers. To ease your suffering, here is a small solution! We will organise a real bal with live music, but at your own place. To dance with your partner or with a small group of trusted friends.

This is what you need to do to participate:

1) Find yourself some corona-free people with whom you like to spend the evening, (or dance alone if you prefer, please follow your local health-advice)

2) Be sure to hoard not only toiletpaper, but also something nice to eat and drink,

3) Get yourself registered at
You will then get a youtube link on the 21st where you can see and hear us. We will both play about an hour.

4) That night, empty your living, en be sure to have sound and visiual.

5) Dance and Enjoy thy-self. Not just because it is fun, but a happy person is a healthier person

6) Feedback is to us balfolk artists a vital part of performing. Normally we can SEE what happens in the salon, but that’s difficult now. But you càn chat with us during our performance, and inbeween tunes. Requests etc 🙂 Also it would be great fun if you could film your dances and share them with us so we still get some of the vibe, even if it is after the fact.

“Entrance” fees will be 5 euro per person for this double concert. Ofcourse you won’t dance alone; if you are with 8 persons, it would be 40 euro’s. Obviously we won’t be checking this, so this is all in good faith. Five euro is the “budget price”, and ofcourse a lot less then you would pay for a normal balfolk. For musicians these times are extra harsh because all their income is canceled. So if you think this is actually worth more, you can use the “fair pay” option. That would be fantastic, and much appreciated.

Please feel free to share!

The facebook page of the event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/189026985874321/

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