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04-11-2017 | Dansen leren

Workshop Blues dance in Balfolk

Met: Docent(en): Mikulás Bryan Aanvang: 12:00-15:45 Entree: € 15 Locatie: De Vesting,
Achter de Vest 34, 1621 GK Hoorn
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Tijdens deze workshop zal topdocent Mikulás Bryan uit Praag ons begeleiden door de wereld van de balfolk.
De workshop is toegankelijk voor zowel beginnende dansers als gevorderde dansers. Tijdens de workshop zullen de volgende thema’s aan bod komen:
==Take it slow==
Here and there, even a folk band announces “le slow”. Ever wondered how it really, really looks like? This workshop will show you that, and even more! We will use the slow blues also as a starting point to pin down what can make for a cozy and comfortable downtempo dance in general. Whether it’s a cuddly mazurka, laid back scottish or a lazy valse. Learning to take it slow and enjoy the moment can never hurt, right?
==One-and-a-two and all that jazz==
This is not one of your regular feel-the-music workshops. Oh, far from it! We will cover some couple dancing tricks and variations taken from several jazz-based dances and working with different forms of syncopation. If it sounds all Greek to you, don’t worry. We will add a bit of wisdom from the 15th century dance masters as well. Sure thing is: we will have fun and you might be puzzled. Which is always a good thing.

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