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14-01-2023 | Dansen leren

Workshop – The Hive Mind

Met: Docent(en): Agnieszka Dworzańska Aanvang: 12:00-15:00 Entree: € 20 Locatie: De Vesting,
Achter de Vest 34, 1621 GK Hoorn
Instructies: Sessie: Contact: balfolkhoorn@gmail.com Meer info »

This workshop will be before the bal in Hoorn (https://www.balfolk.nl/agenda/balfolk-hoorn/).
The workshop will be in English!

Have you ever experienced the situation when you hear your favourite group dance, you join the circle and it was nice but a bit off? Something was missing and you’re not sure what exactly?
Have you ever danced a really nice waltz, wanted to move smoothly around the room but got stuck in one spot? Have you ever bumped into other couples?
In this workshop we will work together on finding a common energy in the collective dances:
how to dance together and share energy in the group. We will also look a bit closer at the couple dances and see if we can find a connection between the couples on the dance floor.
We will look for ideas and solutions to these challenges to have more fun in the dance.

About the Teacher:
Agnieszka has been dancing since childhood: starting with artistic gymnastics and ballet, then court dances, Scottish Celtica SCD (later Cluaran SCD) and Irish dancing, where she stayed for some time, before finally landing in balfolk in 2016.
From that moment, she has been strongly attached to the balfolk scene – traveling around Europe to learn more, while also teaching and organizing regularly in Krakow for 5 years.
What is important for her is to find joy in movement and learning something new from every kind of dance: the richness of chain and circle dances but also the beautiful connection that you can find in couple dances.

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